Texas EMTF 1
 24/7 EMTF 1 Coordination Center Number 800-345-9911
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For More Information Contact:

Rodney Hunt - EMTF Coordinator

About EMTF 1
EMTF 1 is one of eight Emergency Medical Task Force (EMTF) regions in the state of Texas.  It covers the counties in the Panhandle RAC (TSA-A) and BRAC (TSA-B). 

What does TXEMTF provide for Texas?
    * Modular personnel and equipment packages:
        - medical disasters of every size & scope
        - regionally and statewide
    * Texans caring for Texans:
        - rapid deployment model that deploys highly skilled medical professionals to disasters
    * Leadership and structure
        - integrates with local, regional and state incident command systems
    * Leverages existing partnerships
        - emergency medical service providers, hospitals & physician groups