Texas EMTF 1
 24/7 EMTF 1 Coordination Center Number 800-345-9911
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Texas EMTF 1 Components
Ambulance Strike Team - AST
    - Teams of 5 ambulances with a Strike Team Leader
    - Supplemental medical transport for Large-Scale patient movement missions
    - 30+ Strike Teams Statewide

Mobile Medical Unit - MMU
    - Temporary Healthcare infrastructure that rapidly deploys & provides high quality care in the field
    - Deployable emergency room with scalable teams and assets
    - 8 Teams Statewide

Ambulance Bus - AMBUS
    - Custom multi-patient vehicles with transport capability of 20+
    -Care and mass transport/evacuation for the injured or ill
    -Rehab and force protection for responders
    -13 AMBUSes Statewide

RN Strike Team - RNST
    - Teams of 5 nurses with a strike team leader
    - Augment nursing staff shortages in disasters that are specialty specific (ED, ICU, Pedi, etc.)
    - 15+ Strike Teams Statewide

Medical Incident Support Team - M-IST
    - Personnel augmenting operations centers and command posts
    - Subject matter experts and leaders in the ESF-8, health and medical area
    - 120+ Personnel Trained Statewide

Ambulance Staging Manager - ASM
    - Public safety logistics subject matter experts in staging large number of resources
    - Manages the staging site, mobilization and tracking of ESF-8 resources in the field
    - 200+ Personnel Trained Statewide

Infectious Disease Response Unit - IDRU
    -Support unit that specializes in responses to highly infectious diseases
    - Eight regional caches of EMS and Hospital PPE and supplies
    - Four 72 hour caches available to respond to a facility with a highly infectious patient
    - One two week cache that can follow a 72 hour cache
    - Training for First Responders and hospital staff